Cancer And Diet – Can You Prevent Cancer?

What you don’t know about cancer and diet could save your life. It is a staggering statistic that at some point in their lives, one out of every three people will be told they have cancer. That means you, me or someone else you know will have cancer.

Every year over 500,000 people die from cancer in the United States and one million more people will be diagnosed with this killer disease. The good news cialis 10mg prix however, is that many cancer experts believe we can change our habits and reduce the chances of us getting cancer by 35 to 50% simply by changing what we eat.

In its most basic form, cancer can affect and change the functions of many bodily organs either pushing against a major organ or through the cancer cells themselves invading a major organ such as your liver, lungs, prostate in men, kidneys, brain and other organs.

Then once metastasized, cancer calls can breed out of control and start to affect many different organs in your body at the same time. What causes cancers uncontrolled growth and spread is that the genetic material in these cells is disrupted from their growth in an orderly manner in many different ways, but mostly by what are known as carcinogens.

There have been recent discoveries in the genetic make up of cells that causes certain genes known as oncogenes to get switched on thus making the cell cancerous. The natural process of cells also includes genes that suppress the abnormal growth of the cell and these forces usually between the good genes and the bad ones usually cancel each other out. However, when either types of genetic material gets damaged, cancer can be the result. Damaged oncogenes can become abnormal and the suppressor genes can’t control them or damaged suppressor genes can just let the oncogenes run rampant.

These cells alone don’t cause cancer though, they just lie dormant, sometimes for years until something comes along that is a catalyst to the promotion of cancer in an individuals body. Those catalyst can be a variety of things including animal based foods or lack of proper nutrient rich foods.

The process of cancer developing in your body and then being able to be show symptoms or be detected by our medical instruments is a process that can take years. Even though cancer seems to come on some in a rather quick and dramatic way, the process has been going on in side their body for years.

The good news is that diet can affect how the cells of our body react to the damaged and pre-cancerous cells that may be hidden in them. Every meal we eat and every bit of food we put into our mouths has the ability to either help us or harm us. There are a multitude of studies such as those in the China Study that show that some plant nutrients can help to fight cancer during its stages of development and growth. Cancer is a multi-stage process that may take years to unfold. Sometimes, even after cancer has developed, 25 or more years may pass before symptoms appear! Since what we eat affects every cell in our body, by changing our diets we have the opportunity to intervene at a cellular level at every meal. Many studies show that a wide variety of nutrients and other substances in plants are capable of fighting cancer at many stages of its development.

The kinds of foods that help fight cancer are ones that are rich in antioxidants including fruits, vegetables and grains, The best foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants are broccoli, cabbage, soy beans, green teas, tomatoes, flavinoids, onions, flax seeds, garlic, brazil nuts and several others.

General guidelines for cancer and diet in eating healthy and helping your body to act as a natural defense against cancer are to:

Increase the fiber in your diet with real food fiber sources, not those you find in a pill or supplement.

Eat a multitude of fruits and vegetables each and every day.

Eat plant based foods as close to their natural state as possible. The fresher your fruits and veggies are the more nutrients they will be packed with.

Avoid meats, especially smoked ones. With smoked meats you get the horrid benefit of increased fat and carcinogens, the two more prolific cancer feeders.

Avoid fried foods as the high heating of oils can also cause viagra sans ordonnance carcinogens.

Eat organically grown produce when you can.

Limit alcohol intake.

Of course, we would recommend that you always eat a mostly raw, plant based diet. That way you have the best chance of getting the raw nutrition your body needs, and the least chance of eating the animal protein that is known to foster western diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes and cancer.