How To Lose Weight Fast For Women With 5 Effective Methods

Women are always complaining and trying to find out new ways to lose body fat fast. Well what if I told you that there is a way you can lose body fat at home within a week. Yes, within a week it might sound a little crazy but it works.  All there is to it is a little change in diet and some exercise sitting at your own house and it should do the trick. Dedication and patience is also to be noted that if you are not going to follow accordingly then this will not work as of your desire.

Most gym trainers and fitness athletes say that losing body fat is 90 percent diet and 10 percent exercise. And if you’re a person that doesn’t eat a well-balanced diet then this step is important for you. Diet matters a lot in losing fat especially for women.

Cut Out Processed Sugars And Grains you need to reduce in your sugar intake and the empty calories from the white processed carbohydrates will benefit you to burn fat a lot faster. Cutting down on sodas, coffee drinks, alcohol and other liquid filled calories.

Plan Your Meals Based On Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables

2.5 cups of vegetables per day is needed for a woman between the ages of 19 and 50.

Add In Whole Grains

You need to choose more grains like quinoa, barley, and brown rice over stuff like whole grain bread. The less the grain is the better it is for your body and losing fat.

Plan Your Protein

You need to eat good quality protein. Try tuna, turkey, chicken and legumes every day. Try not overdue yourself on protein because an excessive amount can be harmful. Follow a protein plan or make one for yourself if it’s easier.

Drink 2 To 5 Cups Of Green Tea Daily

Studies show that people who taken 600 mg of catechins, this is a antioxidant found in green tea, lost 16 times more body fat than the ones who didn’t drink it.


Nowadays women and their body fat is a problem. The most searched on topic especially for women is how to lose fat easily. Well there are many ways even from your own house. Following each instruction step by step will having you reaching goals and have you setting new ones. If someone sees results it will have them keep going with the process. A good effective step by step plan will have you losing fat within a week.