The Effect Of Food On Your Health

To most of us our main concern in respect to food is that it is needed to satisfy our hunger and it must be enjoyable while we eat. To the health conscious people however, they are aware that food have a major effect on the health and well being of the body, and according to the way that it is consumed can either cause or prevent many diseases and disorders. As a result, they constantly monitor their diets to ensure that it contains the right components in the right balance that’ll, not only satisfy their hunger, but also cause their body to remain healthy.

Health experts have long discovered that their is a strong connection between diet and the incidence of many disease that plaque the western world such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. They have also learned that some diseases can be prevented entirely by nutritional measures while the chance of developing others can be greatly reduced with the right diet even if other causing factors such as hereditary are present. Disorders such as diabetes and high cholesterol levels can be hereditary, and as a result some people are more prone to getting them. But careful control of your diet, along with proper medical care, can achieve startling results in the prevention, management and cure of many such disorder.

Food is also responsible for providing energy for the body to carryout it’s internal functions as well as for a person to perform any form of physical activity, but an excess consumption of energy (calories) can lead to excessive fat storage and obesity which can negatively affect ones appearance as well as lead to many disorders and diseases. Hence, it’s important that you try to avoid the habit of eating more calories than you need for your level of physical activity. Fat contains more calories than all the other food groups, so you can help prevent weight gain by eating less fatty foods and instead incorporating more carbohydrate and protein into your diet as your source of calories.

Fruits and vegetables are highly essential for making up a healthy diet. They contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that is required by the body for protection against disease and promoting well being. Health experts recommend eating Fruits and vegetables regularly for maintaining good health, at least 5 portions a day. Most fruits are sweet so they can be easily eaten in sufficient quantity. Vegetables on the other are less tasty but they can make delicious meals when mixed with other tasty foods like carbohydrate and protein.

Healthy eating should be done from the early stages of a persons life to help maintain good health and ensure a long life. However it is never too late to start monitoring your diet and ensure that you’re eating an integration of food from all the various food groups in the right proportion. Most health problems can be completely eliminated or drastically improved by just a change in dietary habits.